Nano Sprayer sanitizer India 2020

The world is suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic and this disease isn’t going away seem to end anytime soon. To protect ourselves, we need to follow social distancing, wash hands regularly, and sanitize products we are using. Almost all households now have sanitizer but we should also start keeping a pocket sanitizer for outdoor usage.

 It is a portable pocket Sanitizer we can use to sanitize phones, currency notes, key chains, Wallets, car doors, or any other day to day products anytime. This automatic sprayer makes it easy to sanitize and operate.

Nano Sprayer sanitizer India 2020


Nano Sprayer sanitizer India 2020

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About Nano Sprayer sanitizer India 2020

  • Body is made of plastic
  • The battery capacity is 150 mAh.
  • 1 hour continuously.
  • Various light colour mode’s
  • Fit in your pocket
  • Easily full charge in less then a hour
  • Quick USB charging
  • Tank capacity 30ml
  • Fill it with any alcohol based sanitizer make sure the sanitizer is in liquid form
  • Sanitize yourself and your belongings anywhere and anytime.

The Nano Mist Sanitizer Spray comes with a plastic body and features a 30 ml tank. You can put any liquid sanitizer in it. It is really easy to use. You just need to rotate the rank counterclockwise to open. Then you can fill any liquid sanitizer in the tank and add to the machine again. If your sanitizer it thick, make sure yo add some water before putting it in the tank.

How to use Nano Mist spray sanitizer

  • Rotate counterclockwise to open the sanitizer filling tank
  • Put sanitizing liquid inside the tank.
  • Close the Mist Spray tank.
  • Double click the power button to spay the sanitizer to disinfect the things.

Smooth operation, slide-switch design, for a convenient sanitizing at any angle.  Simple to use, Pocket-sized. Just fill-up with a sanitizer, push down the switch, and then it automatically starts spraying sanitizer.

Nano Sprayer sanitizer India 2020 can be used with milk, water, and essential oil with a mixture of some portion of water for better facial cleansing. Portable size for everyday care: small size and lightweight. You can conveniently put it in your backpack, sanitize it all day. The device can also be used as a Water Mist to refresh the Skin.

Frequent hand sanitization is one of the best ways to stay safe from the coronavirus, which has terrified all the people globally. Not all the hand sanitizers, but Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are proving to be the best for protection against this dreadful disease.

India is also in the grip of this pandemic disease. But, this is not the time to panic. With some precautionary measures, we can keep us safe from getting infected.

From the last few days, novel coronavirus is the hot news all over the world. Over  30,45,171 positive active cases are there with approx.3,89,965 death cases globally.

However, not all positive cases lead to death. Some are recovering too with this deadly COVID-19 disease.

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